Why Choose Canopy.

Good things don't happen when students learn that the job of teachers is to know stuff and to tell it to them (Regurgitation). Good things happen when children take ownership of learning. They are given the right to investigate and make discoveries. They are not told what something means or what they ought to think about it.

Heightened Dedication

As a Family-owned Business, we want our children to succeed and we are willing to put in extra hours and effort to give both your family and child the best experience and service possible.

Greater Flexibility

With strong interpersonal connections, one of the best parts about Canopy is that staff members are able to proactively work together, offering flexible services to you and your family.

Family Support

We support your hopes and dreams for your children. Yes, we will help them to cope with the challenges of Primary school. But, more importantly, we will teach them to love learning, to love challenges and to love life.

Enhanced Support

Family members take their business home with them, meaning that they’re also discussing ways to improve their service and the benefits it provides to your children.

Personal Touch

You will find the professionalism and programs that are often associated with much larger companies. You will find high-quality interaction between students and teachers with rich library, outdoor programme, and personal touch that places an emphasis on the whole child.

Enrolment and Visiting.

Making a decision about the care your child will receive and the second home they will grow in is very important, and requires time and effort. At Canopy, we want for your children's day to be filled with joys and challenges, opportunities to grow beyond the four walls, experiences that help them to figure out how the world works and how they fit into it.

  • Do I have all of the information I need to make an informed choice?
  • What are your best memories of growing up?
  • Which option is best for my child and me? (location, personal values)
  • Do I feel comfortable leaving my child here?
  • Will my child learn and be happy here?
  • Are families encouraged to visit and get involved?

Our Center

Interior Photo of Our Student Care Center
46 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee