Our Directors believes that after-school programs are an important part of learning beyond the classroom and social-emotional development of all children. We, at Canopy, offer quality care that is intentional in the development of each child’s acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values. The program will provide:

Academic Rigour

To strengthen the foundations of current academic knowledge, and stretch the mind to deepen and extend understanding by building meaningful questions.

Physical and social activities

To value children’s innate need for movement and interaction.Elements of music: To amaze and empower children to recognize and appreciate classical and world music, a strand in the tapestry that connects us to one another beyond lnguage and culture.

Elements of Music

To amaze and empower children to recognize and appreciate classical and worldmusic, a strand in the tapestry that connects us to one another beyond language and culture.

Plan, Do, Review.

Guided by cognitive-developmental theory, Canopy incorporates the cycle of Plan, Do, Review to guide active exploration. Purposeful yet fun, Plan, Do, Review promotes the child’s innate need to explore, experiment, invent, construct and pretend — in short, to play. Children construct knowledge through not only exploration and observation but also reflection and implementation of their daily plan.

Plan, Do, Review prioritizes problem-solving and independent thinking. Adults present intellectual challenges designed to stretch the child’s understanding, continuously gauging their developmental status along the way. Children discover meaning in their speech, gestures and drawings, which is a major development.

Our teachers develop a safe and meaningful relationship with each child to encourage their academic and personal growth — including cognitive and language skills, self-control, creative self-expression, and respect for the feelings and rights of others.

Our Curriculum

A balanced daily program of child-initiated and adult-directed activities, the Canopy model differs drastically from more traditional approaches to learning. Rather than focus exclusively on adult-directed instruction, Canopy emphasizes each child as a self-initiating active learner. Children learn by doing — rather from lecture and verbal instruction only.

With our programs, students will enjoy learning and improve school performance. Canopy will advance the learning process beyond traditional academics by applying methods to promote independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving. The core curriculum promotes each individual child’s overall academic and developmental growth with innovative programs from planning and work time to enrichment and more.

Super Sports & Science Sparks

Build self-esteem, confidence and social skills

In a world with more play buttons than playgrounds, more handhelds than handballs, fewer people are taking full advantage of their spare time. They are opting to zone out rather than getting out.

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Reader’s Theatre

For Fluency, Comprehension and Engagement

Reader's theater is a highly engaging, collaborative literacy activity that has students practice and perform short scripts, which are often adapted from literature.

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