• What does Canopy's Student Care programme offer?

    Canopy offers after school care during the school term (1pm-7pm) and full-day care during school holidays (7am-7pm)
    • Safe environment
    • Convenient school bus pick-up/drop-off points
    • Healthy meals
    • Warm showers
    • Homework help and supervision
    • Weekly outdoor experiences at Tiong Bahru Park (Fridays 4-6pm)
    • Rich library to cultivate a love for reading
  • How is homework help and supervision conducted?

    A teacher is present to ensure the child completes all school homework (including weekly spelling) in the centre. The teacher will guide the children to complete homework independently (not spoon feed the child answers).

    Our Teachers are trained to help the child understand the process step by step and to identify strategies to support child's understanding rather than simply answering the question as is.

    • Guidance for handwriting habits and phonics will be given.
    • Up to 90 minutes is dedicated to school homework time every day.
    • For students who have completed school work, we will provide guidance for
    • children to pursue interests in reading comprehension, creative writing, science investigations, math problem practise.
  • What does my child need to bring to Canopy?

    • Water bottle
    • School bag and stationery
    • Bath towel, Change of uniform or clothes (or parents can bring it seperately and store in school)
  • How do I know my child is learning in Canopy?

    • Homework supervision will be taken care of, so that time at home can be relaxed and you can focus on spending time together.
    • Our doors are open. Talk with your child and listen to them tell you about the activities and investigations they are engaged in.
    • Your child will grow to be curious, confident, independent and possess self-discipline.
  • Tell me more about the flexi-care programme...

    Our flexi-care programme is 3 fixed days. This is a unique programme as students stay back in school for additional activities on fixed days. If your child is scheduled to come from Monday to Wednesday, he/she should only come on those days.

    At least one month's notice in advance is required if you'd like to change the fixed days that your child attends.

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