An Introduction to Brain Gym

Movement Exercises to activate the brain, enhance learning and improve focus.

The more we move, the more interconnections we make with our brain--integrative, energetic thinking.

This is how people learn, through movement.Physiologists and educators throughout the world are looking at the fact that it is essential that we move. When you move, you start to stimulate the motor cortexes of the neuro cortex of the brain. When that occurs, you start getting a diffusion effect that occurs throughout the brain stimulating your senses, your major thought and memory centers.

Brain Gym® stems from the premise that a body-mind connection is monitored or managed in large part by the brain. The different parts of the brain have different functions and have specific connections in the body. By isolating different parts of the body and working with them simultaneously, specific parts of the brain are stimulated and integrated because they have been forced to work together. The results include improved whole body coordination, balance, relaxation, improved hearing and visual perception and more positive attitudes.

About PACE.

PACE is an acronym standing for:
  • P = Positive attitudes,
  • A = Actively participating,
  • C = Clear focus of attention,
  • E = Energizing motivation or goal.

PACE is considered "Preparation for Learning." And it only takes a few minutes. It can be done before homework activities. After PACE, students are more relaxed, focused, comfortable, and motivated -- ready for active learning to take place.

An Introduction to Brain Gym

2 June, 9 June, 16 June, 23 June 2018
Saturdays 9.30-10.30am
Recommended age group

Parents with children aged 4-9 years.

Children 3 and younger will require more assistance and parent guidance when doing the exercises.

For Enquiries, call Michele at 065 9018 1315.