Be curious. Endlessly curious.

Be curious. Endlessly curious. Go on asking questions. Never stop wondering why. Or how. Or when. Or where. Never stop wondering why or how one thing links to another. How something changed. How one thing turned into another.

Founder’s Profile

Michele See, a BsECH graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and is a qualified practitioner of Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology.

She is an experienced veteran in the education industry. With twelve years experience in teaching diverse groups of students, she has an astute ability to identify the interest and needs of each child in her classroom. Dedicated to nourishing the core academic foundations and learning attitudes of children.

Michele stays at the forefront of current educational issues and research. Michele takes pride in making quality literature of multiple genres available to students. Her professional strength is in cultivating the thirst for reading and confidence in creative writing. To the joy and amazement of parents and colleagues, Michele's strong background in the teaching and appreciation of classical and world music has engaged students with repertoire that one hears in concert halls, right here in their daily lives.

  • Mr Desmond Lau

    Stack follows the BEM naming convention that focusses on logical code readability that is reflected in both the HTML and CSS. Interactive elements such as accordions and tabs follow the same markup patterns making rapid development easier for developers and beginners alike.

    Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and you've got yourself one powerful value package.

  • Visual Design

    Stack offers a clean and contemporary to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup, marketing site to digital storefront. Elements have been designed to showcase content in a diverse yet consistent manner.

    Multiple font and colour scheme options mean that dramatically altering the look of your site is just clicks away — Customizing your site in the included Variant Page Builder makes experimenting with styles and content arrangements dead simple.

  • Stack Experience

    TommusRhodus is an elite author known for offering high-quality, high-value products backed by timely and personable support. Recognised and awarded by Envato on multiple occasions for producing consistently outstanding products, it's no wonder over 40,000 customers enjoy using TommusRhodus themes.

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