Where Learning Begins.

Be curious. Endlessly curious. Go on asking questions. Never stop wondering why. Or how. Or when. Or where. Never stop wondering why or how one thing links to another.

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Our Vision.

We believe that reading opens the mind to learn about the world. Every child should have access to quality literature that engages and inspires them.


Michele graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, and is a qualified practitioner of Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology.

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We believe that after-school programs plays an important role in learning beyond the classroom and the social-emotional development of children.

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Making a decision about the care your child will receive and the second home they will grow in is very important, and requires time and effort.

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What really sets Canopy apart from other centres is our rich library, outdoor programme, and personal touch that places an emphasis on the whole child.

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Our student care programme has a strong commitment to the whole child and seeks to foster each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being.

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Try Canopy for one week. If we have not met your expectations, discontinue your enrolment and ask for a refund of your week’s tuition. It's that simple.

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The students who started Primary One this year will be at university in 2030 and will spend most of their adult lives in the second half of the 21st century.

While it has always been the case that our schools hold the future within their classrooms, today’s education system needs to set the foundations for these young children to thrive in life and work in 2034 onwards.

Such is the pace of change wrought by advancing technologies, that it is highly conceivable that these young children will be living in a world radically altered from our own. That means future thinking – and planning for the future – matters more now than ever before.

In an era of acceleration and increasing uncertainty, we cannot be in the business of predicting what employers will want in 2030, much less 2050. But we can describe the kind of citizen we want to emerge from our schools – students who are critical and reflective, open to a lifetime of learning and relearning, who are comfortable with change, have empathy and a global outlook.

We need to have a broader perspective about what we judge a good education to be because students with these skills and attributes will likely be best placed to flourish in a world of intelligent machines.


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What are the fees like?

Programme Fees will by charged at $468/month. We also offer a Flexi-Care option at $385/month.

First 10 students to sign up (valid for Primary One students in 2019) will enjoy a special rate of $448/month (Valid Jan-March 2019)

What is the Teacher/Child ratio at Canopy?

Each teacher will take a class of eight to twelve children.

Is there space available for my child?

Yes, we still have vacancies for students looking to enroll in January 2019. Contact us to arrange a visit soon.



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